Nail Accessories

Some trendy manicures just cannot be achieved without nail accessories. No matter whether you’re a professional nail stylist or nail design enthusiast, proper tools will make your job easier. Here you’ll find professional nail art supplies including: nail forms, scissors, nail bits, files, cuticle bits, cuticle sticks, brushes, nippers, tweezers, mixing tools, magnets, sponges and more. They allow you to preen your or your clients’ nails with more precision. We hear from our client’s that they also make the task faster and more enjoyable.

Nail Accessories – Ireland

Our collection of accessories is designed according to the newest trends in nail art. You can find all the essentials in one place and order convenient shipping to your house or salon. A wide variety of tools will help you trim, buffer or shape your nails, create a new form, remove nail polish residues, or add a trendy colour effect. Any nail salon has an extensive collection of nail art tools because they make the process more efficient. If you’re not sure what to choose, have a look at our ready-to-order sets that will cover your basic needs.

Keep Up With The Change

Every season we witness a new trend in nail art. Some of them require new tools and nail applications. Here you will find the most updated list of accessories: glitter, transfer foil, stickers, nail forms, sequins, and sprinkles. Browse through the product category to find inspiration for what could work on your nails. A new look is always a good idea. For example, the new season brings new variations in a French manicure, this look is difficult to achieve without nail forms or a nail striping brush.

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