Files / Buffers

Choose professional disposable nail files and buffers

One of the most fundamental parts of each manicure is giving the nails an optimal shape, which is tailored to the appearance of the hands as well as customer preferences. Of course, the irreplaceable tools that can help achieve that goal are professional nail files and buffers, which can work with various materials, including gels, acrylics, hybrids and natural nails. 

Every stylist should have at their disposal disposable nail files with different degrees of gradation, which provide very sanitary work conditions. Worth attention are also Ellipse nail files, which are known for their ergonomic design that allows them to reach any place and minimizes the risk of disturbing the cuticles. Of course, our offer wouldn’t be complete without high-quality laser Indigo nail files made from durable stainless steel. Their double-sided design, ergonomic shape and model gradation make the file fit perfectly in hand and enable it to perform admirably. It is important to note that these products can be sterilized in an autoclave or with hot air and disinfected. Indigo buffer is yet another essential product that should be added to the arsenal of each nail stylist. We’ve included in our offer buffers with several levels of gradations, which help at various stages of work. Depending on your needs, you can choose models for smoothing out the nails, mattifying their surface before application of the gel, or creating a shiny finish on natural and acrylic nails.
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