Buffer Wide 100/180

Buffer Wide 100/180


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Wide buffer 100/180. Perfect for mattifying the nails before gel polish application or smoothing our the rough spots. If you want to slightly buff the overgrown part of the nail than use a gentle buffer 100/180.



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9 in stock

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Wide buffer 100/180

Perfect for mattifying the nails before gel polish application or smoothing our the rough spots. If you want to slightly buff the overgrown part of the nail than use a gentle buffer 100/180.

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buffer 100/180 perfect for mattifying the surface of the nail before gel polish application and for smoothing our any uneven spots.
buffer 180/220 – finer buffer for smoothing out the nail after the 100/180 buffer
buffer 220/280 – creates a smooth, shiny surface especially on gel and acrylic nails
Diamond Shine 400/4000 – an ultra shining buffer, perfect for creating glossy effect on natural and acrylic nails or for Shea butter manicure

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