Caviar – Silver

Caviar – Silver


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  • The tiny balls are great for adding to jewelry-type ornaments, as details in three-dimensional flowers, or for making 2D ornaments.



  • Apply zircons to the finished style and arrange the pattern of your choice. 
  • Mix caviar on the slide with a bit of Tip Top and, using a brush, e.g. Master Nail Art 004/ 006 or a probe, arrange the particles around the zircons, completing the design.
  • Cure the whole or selected parts one by one in a lamp.



Indigo Nails product lines are for professional use only and are to be used for the purpose intended by a qualified and insured person of adult age. This means Indigo Nails will accept no responsibility if the products are incorrectly used and cause any harm or damage.

9 in stock

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We start by disinfecting the hands – our own and the client’s.

We work out the cuticles – we adjust the method individually. We can push them away with a hoof pick, a stick and work on them with selected cutters.

We matt the plate with a buffer with gradation 100/180, and remove the dust produced with a soft brush.

Using a cotton ball soaked in purple cleaner, we wipe each nail and thoroughly degrease the plate.

Apply a primer – most often it will be Acid Free Primer.

Apply a thin layer of the chosen hybrid base and cure for 30 seconds in a lamp.

Paint the nails with Lans Bounce polish. For full coverage we need two layers of color. We cure each of them for 30 seconds in a MultiLed lamp.

Cover the nails with the chosen hybrid top and cure again for 30-60 seconds in the lamp.

After removing your hands from the lamp, wait about a minute.

If you have chosen a top with a sticky layer*, wipe each nail with a cotton swab soaked in Sha Super Shine Effect Cleaner.

With a dry cotton ball we can additionally polish the nails to add a spectacular shine.

The *top without a sticky layer does not need to be wiped with Shea Super Shine Effect Cleaner. Simply – one minute after removing your hands from the lamp – apply a drop each of the selected Shea Elixir with Keratin to the nail shafts.



You can also use caviar as a decoration inside the nail design, e.g., in your own gel mix or by laying it on the free edge in a “Fantasy French” type of styling.

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