Art Gum Gels

Indigo color gels: perfect for decorating

Indigo manufacturer’s color nail gels are perfect for making various types of decorations. A special line of products with many colors is very durable. This is a perfect option for women who expect something more from a manicure. 


Flexible gel gum: designed for convex ornaments

Each art gel gum is designed to make convex decorations. The consistency of the gels allows for different shapes of decorations, so there are no limits to styling. What is important, the products themselves do not dry, so you can model the nails as long as needed. There is minimal dispersion layer left after application of the gel gum, which means there is no need to apply a top coat. Thin layers cure in less than half a minute in the LED lamp. In the UV lamp it takes about 2 minutes. 

The palette includes: Piranha, Peppermint, Yoga Time, Luz Blues, Lotus Flower, Forever Black, Blue Chill, Baba Yaga, White Rose, each fan of Indigo brand is sure to find art gel gums that suit her needs. Moreover, these 9 colors can be combined with each other, creating original compositions.

Nail art gum: versatile nail design options

The Art Gum products have versatile nail design purposes. They are suitable not only for structural decorations. With them you can achieve 2D and 3D effects. That is why Indigo gel gums are especially popular for making more sophisticated decorations. The classic manicure is more and more often replaced by more daring solutions. The presented nail art gum is a response to the current demand. Unique, durable and easy to apply products are “must have” in the field of Nail Art. Indigo once again proves that it follows the trends. 

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