Sparkle Gels

Glitter Nail Gels

Unique stylizations on your nails are now at your hand! Time to change something and give your nails the shine they deserve. You can do it with our special Sparkle Gel nail polish. You will surely love the effect you will get with it! Our nail polish has many advantages and it’s really durable. Why is it worth choosing our Indigo Sparkle gels? What exactly can you expect from them? Read more

What are the advantages of our Sparkle Gel?

First of all, the Glitter Gel nail polish we offer is available in many fantastic colours, including silver, purple, red, green, brown or blue. Another advantage is its quality, which is truly outstanding. The pigmentation is so good that these polishes cover the nail plate evenly and easily.
Another advantage of the gel glitter we offer is the ease of application. You do not need to worry whether you will cover the entire nail plate evenly – regardless of its size. It is worth emphasizing that the curing time of these nail varnishes is 30 seconds for LED lamps and 2 minutes for UV lamps. In addition, the product does not settle on the skin and can be easily removed from the cuticles.

Why is it worth using our products?

We offer only high-quality products intended for professional use. They are available in many great colours, so everyone can choose something that suits their needs. They work perfectly even when applied on the natural nail plate.

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