Pixel Effect

Do you dream of having beautiful nails? Do you work as a manicurist and you want to be able to offer unique stylizations to your clients? If so, we offer Pixel Effect nail polishes that will surely meet all your expectations. Our assortment includes many different colours, thanks to which the stylizations you will create will be really impressive and remarkable. Why is it worth choosing Pixel Effect nail dust?

What are the advantages of Pixel Effect pollen?

The nail dusts from the Pixel Effect series have many advantages. First of all, they are very versatile – they can be used regardless of whether you make hybrid, gel or acrylic nails. Additionally, they can be used to make two types of finishes – smooth and wet. Both types are really visually attractive and easy to create on your nails. Just make sure you follow our instructions!
Another great advantage of our Indigo Pixel Effect nail dust is the great variety of available colours. They look different depending on the angle under which you look at your nails. People who like to stand out from the crowd will definitely love this effect.

What should you remember about when applying our nail dust?

When using our nail dust, remember to apply an appropriate layer of it. If there is too little or too much of it, the effect can be uneven. Please remember also that the dust may not stick to the nail plate if the varnish layer hardens too much or too little under the UV nail lamp. It is also important that the layer of polish should not be too thick.

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