Smoke Powder

Are you looking for interesting nail products to make your nail design even more interesting and eye-catching? Do you want something that will make your nail artwork even more colorful than it is now? If you are looking for professional products, we offer you Indigo smoke powder in many exclusive and, above all, intense colors.

How does the smoke powder work?

The Indigo smoke powder is a product that can be applied to the nail plate in a slightly different way than traditional nail polish. Using it you can achieve a smoke effect on the nails in various colors. After applying the appropriate, selected colors to the nail plate, you just need to drag it over the surface with clear polish or gloss polish, which will keep everything in place.

A professional product

To be able to use nail smoke powder you have to be a professional nail stylist and pass a special training course. This way, using the powder we offer you will make sure that you do it safely. If you deal with nail design professionally, your customers will surely be satisfied with the effect that this nail powder provides.

The eleven vivid colors

The range of smoke powders includes as many as eleven intense colors that quickly catch the eye. You can find powders in colors such as green, yellow, pink, red, blue, orange, purple or magenta. We are certain that you will choose the products from our assortment that will catch your eye the most and you will be able to work on them, and your customers will really love them.

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