Flame Effect

New products from Indigo – this time in a highly glossy version. This offer includes nail flame effect dusts, which look graceful, classy and bold. When you use them, you will surely create phenomenal stylizations, perfect for special occasions where shine and sparkling jewellery accessories are expected. Flame effect Indigo is a dust in the form of delicate flakes that we apply to the nail plate as an addition to the selected color of base hybrid varnish. They can be used in many ways: it’s all up to your imagination and creativity. The flame dust Indigo is available in 4 fashionable colours.

What to combine with flame dust Indigo?

The nail flame effect dust creates the perfect finish for a radiant stylization of your nails. The offer includes a few colours, among them the copper one that harmonizes beautifully with, for example, a delicate pink. Gold dust will be a perfect complement to deep black, which will gain a truly noble character. You can use silver dust to finish e.g. pastel nails or add it to cornflower blue or bottle green. The last proposition from the Indigo Flame effect collection is pink violet, which looks best combined with subtle, muted colours. The flame effect dusts create a beautiful surface with an irregular gloss effect.

How to use Flame effect Indigo?

We always apply flame dust Indigo after we finish styling the nail plate with hybrid varnish or gel. It is the final touch, so first we need to choose the color of the varnish, make a manicure, and then we can experiment freely with the shine. If we want to achieve the effect of an irregular, shiny surface, we have to rub the dust into the dispersion layer, so we do not remove it earlier. If we apply the dust only to a fragment of the nail, we will get effects similar to that of the transfer foil. Then we put the Indigo top on and then dry and cure it under the uv lamp.

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