Gel Nail Polish

Among the gel nail polish brands, the Indigo gel nail polish has a reputation for its rich and vibrant colours. Their varnishes are the most often chosen by both experienced and novice stylists. Indigo gel nail polish is a collection of classic hybrid varnishes that will surely delight you with easy application, durability and a variety of colours and shades. These polishes are their flagship products and the real showcase of our brand. They combine all the features that are a priority for us. They guarantee the durability of styling and ease of application. We couldn’t deliver the product, which makes the work of a nail stylist more difficult. Every Indigo gel nail polish is a high-quality product that delights with both its unique properties. Check builder gel in Ireland to find the product in a convenient location.

Classic Hybrid Gel Polish

Gel nail polish is a timeless classic that we keep improving to adapt to the changing trends in nail styling. With the emergence of new solutions and technologies, we try to involve them to make our products better, modernizing the already proven and tested formulas. Our Indigo gel polish is a hybrid varnish that should be found in every beauty salon that decided to trust the Indigo brand. These polishes are produced in various shades, including subdued and timeless colours, i.e., delicate nude, ecru, beige, and grey. There are also pastel shades, very girlish and subtle, as well as deep colours, including blood red, graphite navy blue or bottle green. Due to strong pigmentation, gel polish always amazes with its beautiful colour, meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients and stylists.

Unrivalled Durability of Indigo Gel Nail Polish

Our hybrid gel nail polish is a product distinguished by a perfect consistency, thanks to which you can apply it easily on the nail plate. It does not run off on the cuticles and does not leave ugly streaks. Our polishes are also very durable, they look beautiful for many days, don’t lose their colour intensity and don’t chip. The durability can be even enhanced by applying one of the Indigo top coats, which smoothens the nail plate, allowing you to achieve a magnificent manicure.

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