Classic Gel Polishes

Enchant your clients with abundance of colourful gel polishes

A rich collection of classic gel polishes in various shades and finishes is a true staple in every professional nail beauty salon. That is why we made sure to prepare a wide variety of breathtaking colours for your clients to choose from. In the Indigo assortment, each person will find gorgeous nudes, sensual reds, romantic pastels, bold neons, cool blues, noble greens and many others. We’ve also included both classic and glittery finishes. It’s impossible not to pick any favourites! Innovative and carefully researched formulas of our products enable each Indigo gel nail polish to have a very smooth consistency and exceptional adherence properties that make working with them a true pleasure for any nail stylist. You will also avoid creating any streaks or gathering product on the cuticles. Naturally, each classic Indigo gel polish is fast curing and sets after only 20 seconds so you can treat your customers to swift and professional service. 

Classic gel polishes present themselves perfectly

It’s easy to see that thanks to vibrant colours and a sublime finish, our classic gel polishes present themselves perfectly all on their own. Of course, they are also the ideal base for the application of various eye-catching nail effects and ornaments. You can paint the nails of your clients with only Indigo gel nail polishes or decorate them with many other incredible products such as Matt Effect Top Coat, Mermaid Effect, Snowflakes, Hexagons, Mirror Effect Foil, or some Crushed Shells.

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