Wedding Collection

Wedding nail designs are usually delicate and subtle. In most cases, we give up bold, expressive and intense colours, and go for beige, nude and light pink. Sometimes we also add some jewellery ornaments – for example, cubic zirconia or lace – which have got very fashionable in recent years. Indigo wedding collection includes hybrid varnishes that are dedicated to all future brides, but they can be used also on other occasions due to their high versatility and timelessness. Wedding nails Indigo is a palette of truly subtle, natural colours that beautifully suit all modern wedding trends.

Wedding nails gel polish – pink, beige, nude

Indigo wedding collection includes a dozen or so different color options, each of them subtle and delicate – and thus perfect for every future bride. There are beautiful shades of pastel, light pink, but also universal nude, which we often choose every day. The apricot and flesh-coloured shades also look beautiful against a white dress – they look most natural, so they perfectly match white decorations. Bride nails gel polish does not only delight everyone with the delicacy of colours – these varnishes are also very durable, do not chip and stick well to the nail plate. During application, they do not run off onto the cuticles, which makes styling much easier even for beginner stylists.

Use wedding nails Indigo for modern wedding stylizations

Despite the fact that wedding trends keep changing all the time, some elements are always fashionable and return every year in a refreshed version. This involves such shades as nude, which is pretty minimalistic and beautifully complements golden and silver ornaments used on one or two nails. The powder pink looks beautiful with rhinestones shimmering in the shades of sweet raspberry. The baby boomer shade is still one of the most desirable colours in wedding trends – it is very classy and goes well with any dress, both modest and more impressive ones. Indigo wedding collection will be perfect as a base for geometric prints, which also got popular among future brides.

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