Builder Gels

Your nail plate is not perfect? Would you like to correct the irregularities that naturally occur on your nail plate in some way? Are you a certified nail stylist who serves customers and wants to be the best advertisement possible? If so, our Indigo gel builder is certainly going to be useful for you. It will always make your manicure look perfect and you will stop being ashamed of your hands.

Indogo gel builder – Products for professionals only

The Indigo builder gel is a professional product that can be used by a person who has been trained as a nail stylist. To make sure the builder gel is well distributed, you must first learn it because, although it may seem like an easy piece of cake, it is not. If you are a professional and you are looking for something that will allow you to do the most wonderful nails for your customers, our gels will surely satisfy your needs as they have a coverage of up to 70-80%, so no imperfections will be visible.

Excellent quality of cosmetics

The nail builder gel is a very high quality product for several reasons. First of all, its texture is creamy, so it is easy to pick up on the brush. Furthermore, it does not take much time for it to polymerize, which will save you a lot of time. Besides, it is also worth mentioning that our gels are always easy to form, so you can work on them comfortably.

The best nail gels on the market

Our nail builder gels will certainly make a good impression on you. It is definitely worth having them in your salon and using them, because they will give great effects on your clients’ nails.

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