Camouflage gels

Create strong and beautiful camouflage gel nails

At Indigo, we are well aware that one of the essential products for all nail stylists around the world is builder gel that provides fast application and lasting results. That is why our assortment could not be missing professional camouflage gel. We want to offer only the best to our clients, so we made sure to carefully research, develop and test the innovative formula of Indigo Easy Shape. As a result, we’ve prepared a product that offers many benefits and helps make your work much smoother. Thanks to its exceptional elasticity, putting the gel on is very swift, and you don’t have to worry about any streaks. 

The formula of the builder is quite thick, which allows you to apply the product even on four nails at once. Of course, placing more fingers into the lamp can speed up your work without impacting the great results. What’s important, Indigo camouflage gel has a natural and optimal colour that matches really well with any skin tone. It is worth mentioning that Easy Shape Indigo can be used not only for building complete nails but for extensions or refilling as well. It offers very high coverage that will also allow you to hide any imperfections of the nail plate. We made sure to prepare several versions of Easy Shape. That is why you can purchase our camouflage gels in 5, 15, 30 or 50 ml, depending on your needs.

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