Guilty! Collection

Autumn has come, and with it the brave new world of interesting Indigo hybrid nail varnishes. We have prepared something special for you, something highly energetic that refers to the autumn scenery, and creates a positive attitude to reality. This is the Indigo Guilty collection, which includes new hybrid varnishes in 9 unique colours. None of them is boring – you will not find here subdued colours and standard colours here. This time we focused on absolutely strong colours, because autumn is not the time to hide under a blanket all day long.

Indigo Guilty – perfectly covering hybrid varnishes with a creamy consistency

Guilty Indigo hybrid varnishes are made based on a unique formula, thanks to which they are durable, highly resistant to mechanical damage and color fading due to UV rays. Indigo Guilty nail polishes have a creamy consistency which makes their application easier. They do not run off on the cuticles, but remain in place, and stick well to the nail plate. They provide very good coverage, which is extremely important in the case of an intense color palette. In addition, nail polishes from the Indigo Guilty collection contain delicate shimmering particles, which are certainly an interesting accent that make your nail stylization even more charming.

The bold colours of the indigo guilty collection

Indigo guilty collection is a palette of 9 expressive, energetic colours, which perfectly emphasize the autumn scenery you see outside your window. They are autumn colours, but in a joyful version. Among them there is a muted, very feminine red, sea green, brick-orange, deep, purple graphite, orange in a more delicate version, cherry burgundy, mustard yellow, inky navy blue and bloody, deep red. The guilty indigo hybrid varnishes can be combined to create original patterns and stylizations or used in a monochrome version – it’s all up to you, but you can be sure they will always look spectacular.

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