Body Lotion

Beautiful fragrances of Indigo body lotions

The Indigo body lotions are designed especially for dry skin. They have a beautiful scent, unique formula and are highly effective. These are complex formulas, which nourish the dry skin. Everyday care with the use of Indigo cosmetics helps to achieve the expected results very quickly. 

Indigo body lotion: multi-purpose qualities

Each Indigo body lotion has multi-purpose properties. These include: 

    – equalizing skin color, 

    – nourishment of dry skin,

    – maximum care,

    – the effect of elastic and firm skin,

    – a sensual fragrance. 

Using the individual products regularly in your home spa, you will notice your skin becoming smoother. When choosing a particular body lotion, you can follow its scent, because these products refer to particular Indigo perfumes. The innovative formula makes the lotions spread easily on the skin and they are absorbed by the skin in no time. 

Drama Queen Shimmer, Arome 99, Seventh Heaven, Raspberry Love, Pop Sugar, Indigolicious, Femme Fatale, Egoista, Bloom Gold Shimmer – in our extensive selection, you’re sure to find a lotion with properties and scents to suit your tastes. 

A unique formula of Indigo Richness Body Lotion

One of the favorite products in this category is the Indigo Richness body lotion, which, when applied, leaves small particles on the body. It looks phenomenal. The lotion protects the skin, regenerates, nourishes and moisturizes it. The scented cosmetic is enriched with shea butter, which makes the skin glowing as well. The presented Richness body lotion, as well as other lotions from the Indigo collection, contain such beneficial ingredients beneficial for the skin such as: 

  • moisturizing urea,
  • skin protecting soybean oil,
  • soothing D-Panthenol,
  • anti-drying vitamin E,
  • sodium hyaluronate responsible for water balance,
  • tighting aloe vera extract,
  • lanolin, which penetrates deep into the epidermis. 
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