Lipstick 4 You

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and special. Red lipstick or lip gloss, black mascara, powdered nose… and of course well-groomed, perfectly styled nails – all these elements make us feel more self-confident. Lipstick 4 you Indigo is a collection of hybrid nail polishes inspired by make-up. They are supposed to harmonize with the rest of your make-up, complement it and create a harmonious composition, thus emphasizing your femininity and unique beauty. The colours of this collection are timeless and at the same time expressive; they use the pink color palette in an exquisite and noble interpretation. Indigo lipstick for you reflects current fashion trends, which we carefully follow (and sometimes we even anticipate them). This time, we focused on true femininity in the most stylish version ever.

Lipstick for you Indigo – a palette of subdued pink

Lipstick 4 you Indigo consists of 4 colours – different shades of pink, among which every woman will find the one that perfectly suits her temperament, character, preferences and style. There is a subtle pink for those who prefer a natural look, which will be perfect for everyday stylizations. Thanks to its subtlety and lower intensity, it even suits a business outfit. Indigo Offerma pink is a bit deeper and resembles an unripe raspberry. We recommend it especially for romantic stylizations, it will also be perfect to welcome spring. The darkest offer of Indigo lipstick for you is a juicy, high-gloss burgundy. It goes perfectly with autumn colours, but also a little black dress in an elegant version. The fourth option is dark pink with a red glow – for brave women.

A perfect manicure with Lipstick 4 you Indigo

Indigo lipstick for you hybrid nail polishes guarantee a successful styling. Even if you are a beginner stylist, you can safely and successfully reach for this collection of nail polishes. They have a creamy consistency, do not run off on the cuticles and don’t leave ugly streaks on the plate. They provide perfect coverage even with just one layer. They are extremely durable, resistant to color fading and flaking. The formula of Lipstick 4 you Indigo varnishes is safe for the natural nail plate, does not damage it or weaken it.

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