Mirror Effect Foil

Mirror Foil For Nails: a spectacular glass nail effect 

Mirror Foil For Nails are special foils designed by Indigo brand, which allow you to get the effect of glass nails. All foils from the Mirror Effect series have different shades, so you can get different results. No matter what you choose, the final result will be spectacular!

Mirror Foil For Nails: shiny and sparkling nails guaranteed 

Mirror Foil For Nails products guarantee shiny and phenomenally sparkling nails. It is a perfect choice for a carnival party or a wedding. Since the nail polish can be applied not only to the entire nail, but also to any chosen part of it, there are no limitations in creating a nail design. Specially designed transfer foils are easy to apply. They are applied quickly, which is very practical. Their multipurpose character allows to apply Nail Art Mirror on gel and acrylic nails. Moreover, you can apply nail polish with a shimmering effect on natural nail. There are no limitations in creating interesting composition. 

A large selection of “glass” decorations 

The large selection of Mirror Nails “glass” nail ornaments allows you to create any design. No matter which color you choose, the shimmering effect is guaranteed.  Mirror Effect Foil can be applied to different polish colors, which is another advantage of these amazing foils.

Tiffany Mirror, Red Mirror, Light Rose Mirror, Black Mirror, Gold Mirror, Emerald Mirror, Mermaid Mirror, Aurora Mirror, Grapefruit Mirror or maybe Cosmo Mirror? You will surely find your favorite shimmering foil to apply on your nails. The holographic effect can be achieved with different intensity, so you can pick from more or less shimmering decorations. 

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