Nail Art Foil

Nail foils are unbeatable when you want to achieve a vibrant nail colour, a full coverage, or an intricate pattern. Their application requires a bit more skill and precision, but the effect is worth it. If you want to follow trends in nail design, it’s not enough to have plain, nude, nicely-shaped nails. The newest designs can be only achieved by applying transfer foils. The most fashionable colours are deep metallic golden colour, metallic burgundy, or shiny, glittery silver.

The variety of patterns

We offer a wide array of transfer foils in many different colours. Nail transfer foil is the easiest way to jazz up your nails. One option is to cover with it the whole nail plate. however, don’t limit yourself and try cutting out individualized patterns. You can arrange something unique to you with simple stripes, squares, circles, or letters.

Easy application

The nail foils we offer are easy to apply, which we take pride in. Even if you don’t have extensive experience, you’ll be able to use them, following any video tutorial. You can apply transfer foils on the whole nail plate or only on a part of the nail, for example as a small decoration. The process looks similar in both cases. First, you need to prepare your nail plate as usuall: trimming it, shaping, and applying the base hybrid/gel nail polish. After curing it in the lamp, you can cover the nail surface with transfer foils or add small cut-out applications. Don’t forget to use the glue and the top coat at the end.

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