Protein Base Removable 13Ml

Protein Base Removable 13Ml


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Weak, soft nails give you nightmares? The prize-winning Indigo Protein Base will take this problem off your shoulders! This product contains proteins’s a extract. Finally, you can wear long nails which, thanks to Protein Base will grow stronger and resistant to splitting! Revolutionary Indigo base coat will let you enhance the nail or fix a broken one and create a perfect C-curve, even when the plate has an indent.



Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.

36 in stock

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Cult product in a new form!

Great news for all Indigo Protein Base fans! From now on this cult product is available in a new, enlarged 13ml bottle. What to expect? Better performance, better value for money and. . . exactly the same amazing effect of strengthening your nails and restoring them to a brilliant look!

What is the Indigo Protein Base?

Indigo Protein Base is a remedy for all the problems you encounter on your way to achieve beautiful, strong nails. It was created for owners of weak, soft and prone to damage nails. With it strong, beautiful, elastic nails are absolutely within reach!

Protein Base is perfect not only as a so called bandage for the nail plate and protection against damage, but also as a protecting base applied before a standard gel polish.

It allows the correction of minor imperfections of the nail plate, repairs fractures and enables the formation of an ideal C-curve. Its thick consistency makes its application a child’s play!

Thousands of delighted customers and a list of prestigious awards (i. e. the title of Qlt Cosmetic 2018) can’t be wrong. Do not hesitate to buy the new version of the 13ml protein base right away!

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