The most popular nail styling trends in 2020

A good manicurist can conjure up a real work of art on nails. Given the current availability of various accessories and the number of nail polish colours that Indigo Nails also offers, you can express yourself even more! The trends for 2020 definitely encourage this.

Nail Styling 2020 – be brave!

Mixing patterns with distinctive colours? Why not! Even if the shapes are completely different, in several colours – this season, you can experiment with them as much as you want. You can choose to decorate on one of your nails, decide on animal print or decorate each nail differently. 

Variations on the naked nails theme

The naked nails style has become a permanent trend for every season. Depending on what you like, you can enhance this classic, simple style with gold foils or colour patterns that will create a strong, distinctive accent on the natural-looking nail.

Almond, square and…

In 2020, choose original nail shapes – these can be slanted ends as well as combinations of several nail shapes on the one hand. If you are not a fan of nail madness, choose a form that suits your temperament and character. In the Indigo Nails by Sarah online shop, you will find not only a range of manicure products but also a variety of nail polish colours that will make your hands look great. We will also be happy to tell you which nail shape is most suitable for your hands.

Snake print on nail 

Long nails decorated with snake pattern? Why not! This year, you can experiment with this type of design. You don’t have to limit yourself to standard colours – the snakeskin on your fingernails can even get tanned! This motif looks just as good on a square, almond and short cut nails. With this original pattern, you can also decorate one nail to give your style a distinctive character. 

Short nails? Great choose!

Ladies who want to give up on extended nails can enjoy their short, natural nails in 2020. We recommend to decorate them with distinctive colours as well as patterns that will additionally attract the eye. This is one of the trends that provides a comfortable and at the same time, fashionable look.

Focus on shine – nail design for brave women

Regardless of the length of your nails, you can afford shiny elements that give character and are incredibly universal – you can wear them both for work and for formal occasions. If you like customized options, you can try shiny ombre, in different colours. Ladies prefer to choose blue or burgundy for this type of decoration.

Vintage style disco madness – stylish INDIGO colours of spring 2020

What else will be fashionable in nail styling for 2020? Vintage style disco madness! Discover completely new colours – full of bright, optimistic and brave ones, combined in abstract patterns. It’s a return to the crazy ‘70s and ’80s, which this spring will take over the hearts of women. Delicate pink, mint, peach, melon – which shade will you choose?

This season there is also something for romantic women – nail polishes in pastel shades. In combination with subtle styling, will charm every woman. Romantic references are also visible in fashion in the form of Victorian collars with a stand-up collar, guipure, laces and jewellery decorations – match them to your nails and don’t be afraid of sophisticated artistic patterns.

Be trendy, be cool with INDIGO!

As you can see, the trends for 2020 include proposals for those who like classic, comfortable solutions, as well as for those who treat their hands as the ideal place to emphasize their individuality. Have fun, experiment and don’t get bored – also on your nails!