Carnival nail art madness – what’s trendy this season?

Glitter patterns, or rather common colours? On nails in carnival 2020, absolutely everything is allowed! Using Indigo nail polishes, you will surely be able to create a style that will delight your beloved one or friends, but above all, it will fit you perfectly!


Beautiful hands are the best showcase for every woman.

Even the best styling will not distract from your hands – they should be smooth and neat, and your nails should be styled appropriately. Depending on your preferences, they can be longer or shorter, but one thing is sure – they must reflect your temperament and be as close as possible to your style.


Bet on a flash! TOP carnival trends on nails

If the outfit you’re going to the party is subdued and simple, why not make it more expressive with a strong accent on your nails?  Brocade decorations, shiny pollen, is always a great idea! 

As for the colours you don’t have to limit yourself – even the most abstract combinations are allowed. At Indigo Nails Studio by Sara, we focus on innovation – both in the combination of colours and how to decorate your nails. We make every effort to make styling lessons as pleasant as possible!


3D decorations – trendy or passé?

All crystals and other 3D decorations are fully allowed on the nails – especially during the carnival. These types of details are still trendy among customers. When choosing this type of decorations, you should remember that in some cases, it is worth to think about the size of individual elements. Those who plan to wear the styling also daily should pay attention to the fact that too large crystals and other decorations, may disturb a bit in everyday work.

In such a situation, it is better to put on minimalism and choose decorations on nails that give a glass or holo effect.


Nails in carnival 2020 – the trendiest colours

Apart from the classic ones – black and red, it is also worth to choose gold in the carnival season. It can be a strong accent of the whole style or the primary colour. If you prefer beige, black or white, this colour will complement your look.

It is also worth remembering to choose the right jewellery – in case of gold nails, make sure that the details also have this colour. This includes decorative elements on shoes, bag or belt, as well as rings, earrings or necklaces, which should form an integral part of the manicure.


Why choose a hybrid manicure during the carnival?

Hybrid manicure is an ideal solution for those who are busy, as well as for those who want to enjoy the comfort of perfectly groomed nails, without the need for constant improvement. Well done styling lasts up to 4 weeks, so you can enjoy beautiful nails, not only during the carnival time!