Venice Collection

Indigo hybrid nail polishes: the Venice collection

A famous Polish producer of hybrid nail polishes, Indigo, offers a collection with 16 beautiful shades. It is about the Venice collection, created by the singer Natalia Siwiec. The Venice reference is no coincidence, as individual colors are associated with romance and autumn nostalgia. 

The Venice Collection: inspired by italian elegance

The Venice collection signed by Natalia Siwiec refers to the Italian elegance. It is an exclusive and somewhat versatile collection. The collection includes both delicate and vivid shades. Whether you prefer a subdued or more extravagant everyday look, the Indigo Venice offers products for every woman. 

The collection includes such shades as:

We have to admit that this collection is spectacular. 

Exclusive Indigo Venice Gel Polish

Luxury Indigo Venice Gel Polish hybrid nail polishes are not only glamorous but also very durable. You can notice their high quality immediately. While styling with these nail polishes you don’t have to be afraid of chipping. You can choose yourself whether you want polish with stronger pigmentation or more subdued. Among the unique colors there are both saturated shades and subtle variants.

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