Characteristics of the Viruton Forte tool disinfectant concentrate:
Viruton® Forte is an efficient concentrate intended for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of surgical and rotary instruments. Viruton® Forte has very good cleaning properties and a broad killer spectrum in a short time of action. It is intended for manual disinfection of tools and disinfection in ultrasonic cleaners. The product shows anti-corrosion properties and high material compatibility. Has a positive opinion of the manufacturer of Chirmed tools. It is recommended for instruments made of stainless steel, nickel, copper, aluminum, rubber, porcelain, glass and plastic.

Main features of Medisept Viruton Forte disinfectant concentrate:
Works in 15 minutes. 0.5% concentration for bacteria, fungi, tuberculosis bacilli, enveloped viruses, Adeno, Polio.
For ultrasonic cleaners.
For tools made of steel, nickel, copper, aluminum.
Ideal for disinfecting by immersion for hairdressing and cosmetic tools.
It shows anti-corrosion properties and high material tolerance.
Well cleans and washes blood, protein and secretions.
Recommended for endoscopes – Vimex opinion.


Instructions for the use of Viruton Forte disinfectant concentrate:
Prepare a working solution of the concentrate by diluting it with water in an appropriate proportion. The choice of concentration depends on the desired spectrum and duration of action. In order to obtain a concentration of 1%, dissolve 10 ml of the concentrate in 990 ml of water. Immerse the instruments in the solution immediately after use. All parts and holes must be completely filled with the solution. After disinfecting, rinse the instrument and dry it. For hygiene reasons, it is recommended to change the solution daily. Do not mix with other cleaning agents or disinfectants. The product is intended for use by a professional user.