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Indigo Nails — Nail Polish, Ireland. Hybrid Nail Polish Loved by Women All Over the World

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, but the hands prove our care and concern for ourselves. Nails and hands are important aspects of our beauty and grace.  Here at Indigo Nails, we’ve not only been proving that hands can be well-groomed, but they can also reflect our character, temperament and attitude to life.

We are a Polish company that quickly became popular among women inside and outside Europe, including Australia and North America. We are happy to invite you to an amazing journey through Indigo Nails IE, where you will find a lot of inspiration, nail styling and care products from nail polish to gel manicures, as well as tools that will help you take care of your nails more effectively.

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Equip Your Beauty Salon with Indigo Nails’ Products

Our company has only one main objective, and it is to make sure our clients offer the best nail care service possible. We achieve this goal in a comprehensive and multifaceted manner:

  • We provide products that allow you to start your business quickly, professionally and comprehensively.
  • We support our clients at every stage: we offer training, create perfect conditions for improving their skills, and make it easy for them to learn about our newest products.
  • At Indigo online, you can find a wide selection of nail care products. You can find everything from gel nail polish to bases. Everything you need to provide a comprehensive nail care experience.

Our top products range start from hybrid nail polishes in a wide array of colours. We also offer Indigo gel polish available in a few variants, including Art Gum, Sparkle and Nail Art. We also have bases, including extremely popular and frequently chosen protein bases containing additives that strengthen the nail plate. We recommend Indigo Nails tops, building gels, camouflage and finishing gels, and a wide range of both basic and additional accessories and decorations that will help you create eye-catching designs on nails.

Indigo Ireland – We Always Strive for Perfection

Nail styling, just like any other profession, requires constant training and improvement. New techniques, methods and tools keep coming, and trends are changing constantly. At Indigo Nails, we conduct certified training for stylists. They are run by qualified and experienced instructors and according to the most up-to-date methods and information in the industry. Indigo Nails training combine theory and practice, but we make sure more attention is paid to practical aspects. We are aware that only practice will make perfect, so you’ll be able to go hands-on with gel polish, bases, accessories and more here at Indigo Nails Lab.

Join Indigo Nails! What Do Women Appreciate in Our Services?

  • Commitment – we’ve devoted ourselves to our work from the very beginning, which allows us to grow constantly. We don’t want to just sell products: we want to provide you with advice and support and form long-term relationships with reliable partners.
  • Experience – the Indigo Nails team consists of people who did not join the company by accident. Each of them has a lot of knowledge, expertise and skills to offer that are useful in our business. Only together we could achieve so much.
  • The pursuit of novelty – check Indigo Online often, and you’ll see we are active all the time. We keep surprising you with new colours of nail gel polish and improved formulas of the existing products.
  • Original quality – all our hybrid polishes, tops, gels and bases are our original recipes. They were created based on the knowledge that we’ve accumulated over many years of experience working in the industry, interviewing clients, and numerous consultations with other experts.
  • Availability –  Both regarding Indigo Nails products and our team, we make availability a priority. We make every effort to ensure that orders are delivered in the shortest possible time. If you have any questions, we’ll happily answer them – just contact us!

Indigo Nails is open to new products, fashion and women from around the world!